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Change in reimbursement for assistant-at-surgery services 

September 1, 2011    

Effective October 27, 2011 , physicians and non-physician health care practitioners who provide assistant-at-surgery services will be reimbursed at 16 percent of the surgical allowance, replacing the current reimbursement amount of 20 percent of the surgical allowance.

This change will be reflected in Claim Payment Policy #00.10.18g: Modifiers for Assistant-at-Surgery Services: 80, 81, 82, and AS. The policy notification has been available for review by providers and their office staff since it was posted on our website on July 29, 2011. This version of the policy will become effective on October 27, 2011.

Policy notifications are available on our medical policy website at www.ibx.com/medpolicy. If you have any questions regarding this policy change, please contact your Network Coordinator.

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