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The bulletins posted on this website were originally sent by email or mail to applicable participating facility and ancillary providers (e.g., hospitals, ambulatory surgical centers (ASCs), and durable medical equipment (DME) providers). Provider bulletins convey important information related to billing requirements, correlation tables, fee schedules, and other billing-related topics.

If you need a copy of a bulletin that was posted prior to 2012, please email us.

Bulletins by Year: 2019 | 2018 | 2017 | 2016 | 2015 | 2014 | 2013 | 2012 | 2011

Bulletin TitleAudienceDateNumber
Participating freestanding ASCs12/20/1330-2013
Participating hospitals and select ASCs12/20/1329-2013
Participating hospitals and ASCs12/5/1328-2013
Participating freestanding facility sleep study centers11/27/1327-2013
Partcipating hospitals and freestanding ASCs 11/27/1326-2013
Partcipating hospitals and ASCs 11/22/1325-2013
Partcipating hospitals and ASCs 11/22/1324-2013
Partcipating hospitals and ASCs 11/19/1323-2013
Partcipating acute care hospitals11/15/1322-2013
Participating hospitals and ASCs11/13/13 21-2013
Participating hospitals and ASCs11/12/1320-2013
Participating hospitals11/6/1319-2013
Participating hospitals10/1/1318-2013
Participating hospice providers9/30/1317-2013
Participating hospitals9/30/1316-2013
Participating hospitals9/26/1315-2013
Participating providers of DME and P&O8/28/1314-2013
Participating hospitals and select ASCs 8/29/1313-2013
Participating ASCs8/29/1312-2013
Participating hospitals8/1/1311-2013
Administrators of participating behavioral health providers, including partial hospital programs, substance abuse treatment facilities, and residential facilities 6/1/1310-2013
Participating ASCs5/31/1309-2013
Participating hospitals and select ASCs5/31/1308-2013
Participating facilities5/31/1307-2013
Participating providers of DME and P&O 5/30/1306-2013
Participating ambulance providers 5/1/1305-2013
Participating hospitals5/1/1304-2013
Participating facilities4/18/1303-2013
Participating providers of DME and P&O2/28/1302-2013
Participating hospitals and select ASCs2/28/1301-2013

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