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Benefit tier re-evaluation for Keystone HMO Proactive 

October 3, 2016    

Independence offers Keystone HMO Proactive, a lower-cost, tiered provider network product available both on and off the Health Insurance Marketplace. For this product, providers in Independence’s commercial HMO network are categorized into one of three benefit tiers:

  • Tier 1 – Preferred: Members pay the lowest cost-sharing for most services.
  • Tier 2 – Enhanced: Members pay a higher cost-sharing for most services compared to Tier 1 – Preferred.
  • Tier 3 – Standard: Members pay the highest cost-sharing for most services.

Re-evaluation of benefit tier placements for 2017

Independence reviews provider benefit tier placements annually for Keystone HMO Proactive. As such, we recently concluded our re-evaluation of benefit tier placements for our facility, ancillary, and professional providers for 2017.

Only providers whose benefit tier is changing will receive a letter in the coming weeks indicating their new benefit tier assignment. The new benefit tier will remain in place from January 1, 2017, through December 31, 2017.

Note: If you do not receive a letter regarding your benefit tier placement by the end of October, then your benefit tier is not changing for 2017.

Benefit tier placement criteria for professional providers

Like last year, benefit tier placement for professional providers is based on criteria that include relative cost (i.e., contracted fee schedule), minimum quality standards (if applicable), and the tier of the facilities to which a provider’s Independence patients are typically referred for hospital and outpatient surgical services.


If you have questions specific to Keystone HMO Proactive or your benefit tier placement, please contact your Network Coordinator.

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