BlueCard® Program resources available

December 22, 2017

Independence offers providers the following resources to use when rendering services to out-of-area Blue Plan members:

  • BlueCard section of the Provider News Center. The Blue Card section includes an archive of BlueCard-specific articles published in Partners in Health UpdateSM, as well as links to the BlueCard Coordination of Benefits Questionnaire and Quick Guide to Blue Member ID Cards.
  • BlueExchange® Guides. Two guides are available in the NaviNet® Resources section that provide detailed instructions for using the following transactions under the BlueExchange® Out of Area option in the Independence Workflows menu on the NaviNet web portal:
    • – Claims Status Inquiry
    • – Eligibility and Benefits Inquiry
    • – Referral/Auth Submission
  • Medical Policy/Precertification Router. It is important that providers have easy access to information about an out-of-area Blue member?s Home Plan medical policy and precertification requirements. The Medical Policy/Precertification Router allows Independence network providers access to this information through NaviNet using the out-of-area member?s alpha numeric prefix on his or her member ID card. To view medical policy and precertification requirements for out-of-area Blue members, select BlueExchange® Out of Area from the Independence Workflows menu on NaviNet, and then select Medical Policy/PreCert Inquiry.

We will publish future Partners in Health Update articles as new BlueCard Program information or resources become available.

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