BlueCard® Host claims to be rejected if information is incomplete

June 24, 2019

Effective immediately, Independence will reject BlueCard Host claims that do not include the National Provider Identifier number and name of the performing or rendering provider. Independence strives to pay claims in a timely manner, but omissions of information necessary to process the claims can delay the payment process or cause a claim rejection. Be sure to complete all information fields in the claim before submitting.

If you submit a claim with incomplete information, the claim will be rejected with an error message and instructions for resubmission. Please correct the information and resubmit if you see the following error message after submitting a claim:

    In order to process the claim, additional information is required. The claim should be resubmitted with the provider number and name of the performing provider clearly indicated. Electronically enabled providers should resubmit electronically.

More information

If you have questions about electronic claim submission guidelines, refer to the Independence Blue Cross HIPAA Transaction Standard Companion Guide, available on the Trading Partner Business Center.

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