Check member ID card and verify eligibility every time

January 3, 2018

Many of your patients may have received a new member ID card for coverage going into effect in 2018. As always, it is imperative that providers do the following prior to rendering services to Independence and out-of-area Blue Plan members:

  1. Make a copy. Obtain a copy of the member?s current ID card to ensure that the most up-to-date information is submitted on the claim.
  2. Verify eligibility and benefits. Verify eligibility and benefits on the NaviNet® web portal through the Eligibility and Benefits Inquiry transaction. For out-of-area Blue Plan members, use the BlueExchange® Out of Area transaction.
  3. Complete COB, as applicable. For out-of-area Blue Plan members, have them complete the Coordination of Benefits (COB) Questionnaire for Out-of-Area Members, if applicable.
There may be occasions when a member's health insurance goes into effect before he or she receives a member ID card in the mail. In these situations, ask members to print a temporary ID card by logging on to our secure member portal,

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