HIPAA 5010 Companion Guides now available

July 28, 2011


HIPAA 5010 Transaction Companion Guides were recently posted on www.ibx.com/ediforms. Both 4010 and 5010 guides are available.

As a reminder, beginning January 1, 2012, any health care entity that submits electronic standard transactions to IBC must comply with HIPAA 5010 (errata version). After this date, version 4010A will no longer be valid.

If you have specific questions about the transition to 5010, please refer to the HIPAA 5010 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) found on our website at www.ibx.com/hipaa5010. The FAQ contains the most current information available. We will continue to update the FAQ as we receive new information.

Please continue to check Partners in Health Update, the NaviNet? web portal, andwww.ibx.com/providers for important updates and information regarding the conversion to 5010.

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