Registered Nurse Health Coaches: Supporting Independence providers and their patients

September 14, 2020

Independence recognizes that the physician-patient relationship is at the heart of patient care. Our Registered Nurse Health Coaches (Health Coaches) can assist your practice and help provide coordination of care for your patients enrolled in an Independence benefit plan (members).* We provide information for Independence members, their families, and physicians, as well as share community resources.

Coordination of care

Our highly skilled Health Coaches and licensed Social Workers are available to support your practice in a variety of ways, including:

  • coordinating community resources not covered by insurance, such as medication assistance, transportation services, food resources, and home modification programs;
  • educating your patients on the importance of medication and plan-of-care adherence;
  • assisting your patients in making appointments;
  • reporting medication discrepancies and your patients’ needs that are otherwise unreported, such as the need for potential home care;
  • assisting with closing gaps in care;
  • educating your patients about shared decision-making, which leads to improved adherence to treatment plans;
  • supporting your patients post-discharge;
  • providing your patients with education about managing a new or chronic condition;
  • encouraging your patients to discuss concerns and questions with their health care provider(s);
  • assisting with your patients’ transition to alternative care, if necessary, when benefits cease.

If you would like to refer an Independence member to a Health Coach, please complete the online Case and Condition Management Physician Referral Form or call 1-800-313-8628 and select prompt 2.

*Independence members who are covered through fully insured employer groups are automatically considered eligible for health coaching. Members covered through certain self-insured employer groups may not be eligible for all components of health coaching including condition management. Members can call Customer Service at 1-800-ASK-BLUE (1-800-275-2583​) to verify their eligibility.