​​​Submitting Blue High Performance NetworkSM claims

December 22, 2020


Independence members now have access to a national high-performance network, Blue High Performance Network (Blue HPNSM ​).​

The claims filing requirements are different for Blue HPN when compared to BlueCard® PPO. All professional and facility provider claims for Blue HPN members must be submitted to Independence. 

As a reminder, all members are subject to eligibility verification and the applicable precertification requirements of their Home Plan.

For information and requirements about BlueCard PPO claims filing requirements, please read Submit your BlueCard® PPO Host claims to Independence to maximize incentive payments.​

Ancillary providers

For information and requirements about billing guidelines for lab, DME, and specialty pharmacy providers, please read Clarification to billing guidelines for BlueCard® claims for lab, DME, and specialty pharmacy providers.

Learn more

If you have any questions about submitting Blue HPN claims, contact our Provider Network Services team via email at pnsproviderrequests@ibx.com. Please include “Blue HPN claims" in the subject line of the email.​​