The Benefits of IndexProTM: Getting patients ready for the fall season

August 11, 2020

As we conclude our article series, The Benefits of IndexPro, we hope you found our tips and information on how to use IndexPro helpful. The reports and information can be used as a supplement to the care you give to your patients, our members. You can read the previous tips in the Communications section of the dedicated PEAR portal page.

Tip of the week! Schedule visits for your child and adolescent patients

Although there is still uncertainty if children will return to classrooms this fall or continue with virtual learning, a child’s health should not be in question. As the fall season approaches and your school-aged patients get ready to start the new school year, now is the perfect time to make sure they are up to date with services like well-care visits and immunizations.

You can use the Gaps in Care report on IndexPro to easily identify patients who have not had their annual well-care visit or are not up to date on their immunizations.

Sample report:


Access to IndexPro

If you already have access to IndexPro, select Report Center from the top of the page, then Population Health Reporting. Enter your practice information and select the Gaps in Care report. After the report is downloaded, you can use the information to prioritize and schedule appointments for those patients who are due for a well-care visit or immunization.

If you don’t have access to IndexPro, register for the PEAR portal by following the registration instructions located here. Note: If your practice is part of an Integrated Delivery System, you will need to contact your PEAR Organization Administrator for additional information.

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