The Benefits of IndexProTM: Keeping patients up to date with vaccinations

July 28, 2020

Welcome back to The Benefits of IndexPro. These articles show how to use the reports and information on IndexPro as a supplement to the care you give to your patients, our members. You can read the previous tips in the Communications section of the dedicated PEAR portal page.

Tip of the week! Closing vaccination gaps

Vaccinations are recommended at certain intervals for children and adolescents to prevent them from contracting certain infectious diseases. You may use the Gaps in Care feature on IndexPro to see the percentage of your patients who are compliant with the vaccine measure definitions and how many of them have outstanding gaps in care for the vaccine measures. Closing open immunization gaps will positively affect performance in the Quality Incentive Payment System (QIPS) program.

Sample report:


Access to IndexPro

If you already have access to IndexPro, you can view your immunization gaps by selecting Gaps in Care under Population Health in the left-hand navigation, then clicking on Childhood immunizations or Adolescent immunizations from the Gap Category list.

If you don’t have access to IndexPro, register for the PEAR portal by following the registration instructions located here. Note: If your practice is part of an Integrated Delivery System, you will need to contact your PEAR Organization Administrator for additional information.

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Stay tuned next week for more tips on how you can use IndexPro at your practice.

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