The Benefits of IndexProTM: Closing gaps in care

July 7, 2020

We recently introduced a new article series, The Benefits of IndexPro. The series shows how you can use the reports and information on IndexPro as a supplement to the care you give to your patients, our members. You can read the previous tips in the Communications section of the dedicated PEAR portal page.

Tip of the week! Identifying patients with gaps in care

As practices start to resume in-person visits, now is the time to schedule visits for patients who may have gaps in care, such as well visits, cancer screenings, and diabetic care. The Gaps in Care feature on IndexPro makes it easy to identify patients who have a gap in care. You can prioritize outreach and scheduling to ensure that those patients receive continuous preventive care. You can also see how your completion rate of open gaps compares to that of your peers.

Sample report:


Access to IndexPro

If you already have access to IndexPro, you can find this graph on the Overview screen in the Population Health section. For a breakdown of the gap categories, select Gaps in Care from the left-hand navigation. You can also view a detailed report of those members who are missing preventive care services by selecting Population Health Reporting under Report Center, which is found at the top of the page.

If you don’t have access to IndexPro, register for the PEAR portal by following the registration instructions located here. Note: If your practice is part of an Integrated Delivery System, you will need to contact your PEAR Organization Administrator for additional information.

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Stay tuned next week for more tips on how you can use IndexPro at your practice.

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