Encouraging care for parents and guardians of your Keystone HMO CHIP patients: Nutrition and physical activity

March 25, 2021

Independence is continuing its series of messages for the parents and/or guardians of our Keystone HMO Children's Health Insurance Program (Keystone HMO CHIP) members to help families manage their child's health care. The topics chosen are based on Healthcare Effectiveness Data and Information Set (HEDIS®) measures. We are sharing these topics with you to help support compliance with these measures and to encourage families to obtain these important services.

This month's message is regarding weight assessment and counseling for nutrition and physical activity.

Important information on HEDIS measures

Measure: The percentage of children ages 3 – 17 who had an outpatient visit with a Primary Care Physician or OB/GYN and who had evidence of one of the following:

  • BMI percentile documentation
  • counseling for nutrition
  • counseling for physical activity

How you can help

Follow these tips to ensure patients get positive results:

Stay tuned for more topics regarding care for your Keystone HMO CHIP patients.

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