Encourage activity with SilverSneakers®​ to help prevent falls​

September 29, 2021

Walking, gardening, golfing, exercising, and doing chores around the house are great ways to stay active and social. But the fear of falling prevents many seniors from enjoying these and many other healthy activities. If a fear of falling keeps your patients from enjoying life, here are some tips to help them.

  • Safeguard their home. A fall can happen anywhere, even at home. Help patients maintain their independence by insuring they check their home for hazards. Recommendations include installing grab bars in the shower and beside the toilet, use a nonslip mat in the shower, install handrails on both sides of any staircase, clear hallways and pathways of clutter, pick up loose rugs or obstacles that can cause trips, and ensure lighting is bright enough to allow them to see hazards clearly. Provide this checklist from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to help make their home safe and reduce risks of falling.
  • Stay active. Regular physical activity can help patients improve balance, flexibility, muscle strength, and gait, and reduce their risk of falling. Many exercises can be done in a seated position so your patients can stay active without worrying about falling. Their SilverSneakers® benefit is a good place to start.
  • Encourage patients to activate their SilverSneakers benefit today. SilverSneakers is a lifestyle and fitness benefit designed specifically for seniors. It's included with their Independence Medicare Advantage plan at no additional cost.
    SilverSneakers includes:
    • SilverSneakers On-Demand™ online workout videos for at-home workouts, available 24/7
    • SilverSneakers LIVE™ full-length classes and workshops
    • memberships to thousands of fitness locations*
    • group exercise classes** designed for all abilities (including a 12-week Fall Prevention Series, SilverSneakers Stability® class and Balance Builder Workshops)
    • instructors trained in senior fitness
    • fun activities held outside the gym**
    • SilverSneakers GO™ mobile app with workout programs, location finder, and more
​​SilverSneakers is more than a fitness program – it's a way of life. For more information on SilverSneakers or to help your patients get started, go to SilverSneakers.com.

*Participating locations (“PL") are not owned or operated by Tivity Health, Inc. or its affiliates. Use of PL facilities and amenities are limited to terms and conditions of PL basic membership. Facilities and amenities vary by PL.
**Membership includes SilverSneakers instructor-led group fitness classes. Some locations offer members additional classes. Classes vary by location.

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