​New Claim Offsets Report available​​

January 31, 2022

​Providers can obtain their practice's Claim Offsets Report through PEAR Analytics & Reporting (AR). The report allows providers to view details for claim offsets and credit balance forward activity due to claim overpayments. The report will show activity for open cases that correspond with the dates selected. Details include member, claim, and check information, including offsets and other recoupments cancellations and write-offs.

In PEAR AR, select Report Center at the top, then Claim Offsets from the drop-down menu. After you submit your report criteria, you can view or download your Claim Offsets Report by selecting Output Manager.


A user guide ​is available in the PEAR Help Center​.​

If your organization has not yet registered for the Provider Engagement, Analytics & Reporting (PEAR) portal or you need access to PEAR AR, learn more here. Only those users with a Financial role for PEAR AR will be permitted to view this report.​