​Lead testing enhanced program begins January 1, 2022

December 14, 2021

​Independence Blue Cross (Independence) is contracted with LabCorp, Inc. (LabCorp) to introduce an enhanced lead testing program designed to increase the testing rate for elevated blood lead levels in children 2 and under.*

The program uses a filter paper screening method. This method is simple, dependable, and cost effective. It helps increase compliance and close gaps in care.

What is the filter paper lead testing method?

The filter paper testing method is an alternative to the traditional lab-based collection process. It requires only two drops of blood collected on filter paper and can be done during a routine office visit.​

How the enhanced program works

If you are asked to participate in the enhanced program, a LabCorp representative will call you and set up time to train your office staff on the filter paper lead testing method. You will also receive instructions on how to send the samples back to LabCorp for processing.

Once trained, you can start screening your patients during regular office visits.

A courier will pick up the specimens from your office if you have an active LabCorp courier account. For offices who do not have a LabCorp courier pick-up account, LabCorp will supply shipping materials.

Review the results once received and follow up with the patients as needed.

How will this program help your patients?

This approach will help to: 

  • Increase the number of patients who are appropriately tested and treated for lead poisoning.
  • Remove barriers to testing by performing the test in the office.
  • Provide a fast and efficient way to conduct lead testing.
  • Exceed the 90 percent compliance lead testing rate set by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services and the Academy of American Pediatrics.

Learn more

For more information on this enhanced program, please contact Joy Binns at 215-241-3941.

For more information on the filter paper technique, view the flyer on the LabCorp website at https://medtox.labcorp.com​ under Filter Paper Lead Testing. You can also contact your LabCorp representative at 1-877-725-7241 or Joe Huffer at hufferj@labcorp.com.

*Use CPT® code 791280 to report the completion of lead testing in-office testing.
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