Podimetrics SmartMat™ pilot begins November 1, 2021​

October 28, 2021

​Independence is collaborating with Podimetrics, Inc. (Podimetrics), an independent virtual care management company, on a pilot program for eligible diabetic members. Podimetrics will provide the Podimetrics SmartMat to eligible diabetic members with a history of a diabetic foot ulcer.

There is no cost to providers or the eligible members to participate in the pilot. Only Independence members who participate in fully insured, commercial health plans are eligible for the program. Currently, self-insured group and Medicare Advantage members are not eligible.

Podimetrics will contact podiatrists and primary care practices with eligible members beginning November 1, 2021. Providers will receive all program information directly from a Podimetrics consultant. If you want your eligible patient(s) to receive the SmartMat, you are required to submit a prescription to Podimetrics. Details on this process will also be provided by Podimetrics, including the information required on the prescription form.

Podimetrics SmartMat

The Podimetrics SmartMat is a cellular-connected in-home floor mat. It leverages thermometry and uses remote monitoring of plantar foot temperature for signs of inflammation. This allows for intervention before a diabetic foot ulcer develops. Scans are transmitted to and monitored by Podimetrics.

Podimetrics will remotely monitor the temperature of members' feet as they step on the SmartMat for just 20 seconds each day. The captured data is sent to Podimetrics' virtual care support team, which monitors and ensures that members and prescribing providers are alerted if signs of complications are detected.

The SmartMat helps:

  • detect warning signs of diabetic foot complications up to five weeks before they present clinically
  • prevent diabetic amputations

Podimetrics SmartMat  

​Leading innovation

The Independence Clinical Care Innovation (CCI) team is leading the collaboration effort with Podimetrics and managing the program. The CCI team is focused on innovative approaches to health care delivery that will ultimately help improve the health and well-being of our members.

Learn more

For more information on the Podimetrics SmartMat, visit their websi​te. If you have questions, please call the Podimetrics support team at 1-800-468-5980, Monday through Friday, from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. ET, or email them at providers@podimetrics.com.