​Gaining PEAR portal access for third-party organizations

June 13, 2022

​Access to the PEAR portal is granted by designated provider Organization Administrators.

Please do not contact the plan to be granted access to the PEAR portal. The request for access must come from the provider organization(s) with whom you work. If your organization works with multiple providers, you will need to be granted access by each provider organization to see their transactions.

If you are a third-party organization that supports participating providers in our network, please follow the process outlined below to gain access.

If your third-party organization is not already provisioned for PEAR, your first step is to request that designated Organization Administrators (for each provider organization you support) establish the required permissions using the dedicated Third-Party tab in the Provider Administration Tool (PAT). 

Once the third-party organization relationship is established:

  1. Provider organizations can grant access to select PEAR portal applications for third-party organizations and designate third-party Organization Administrators.
  2. Designated third-party Organization Administrators can then log into the PEAR portal and use PAT to provision access to End Users in their organization. More information on how to use PAT as a third-party administrator can be found on the PEAR portal Help Center.

If you have additional questions, please contact PEAR support at 1-833-444-PEAR (1-833-444-7327).​