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​PEAR Practice Management: Frequently Asked Questions

September 2, 2020

The PEAR portal is growing! We are pleased to announce the launch of PEAR Practice Management in 2021. PEAR Practice Management will replace our existing provider portal solution, NaviNet® web portal (NaviNet Open). PEAR Practice Management will be accessible through the Provider Engagement, Analytics & and Reporting (PEAR) portal and will allow a single sign-on to manage everyday care for your patients who are members of:

  • Independence Blue Cross
  • Independence Administrators
  • AmeriHealth Pennsylvania
  • AmeriHealth New Jersey
  • AmeriHealth Administrators​

The following Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) will provide you with more information about PEAR Practice Management and how it will affect your practice. Check back often as these FAQs will be updated as the PEAR Practice Management launch approaches.


Introducing PEAR Practice Manag​ement

Getting ready

Accessing PEAR Practice Management



1. What is the PEAR portal?

The PEAR, or Provider Engagement, Analytics & Reporting, portal offers a single point of entry to multiple digital tools for participating providers. The PEAR portal was designed to connect you quickly and securely to the plan information you need to deliver high quality care. Through the various applications within the PEAR portal, you can easily access the clinical and financial information specific to your provider organization and plan contracts.

Through a single sign-on to the PEAR portal, you can access its multiple applications for information for patients who are members of:

  • Independence Blue Cross
  • Independence Administrators
  • AmeriHealth Pennsylvania
  • AmeriHealth New Jersey
  • AmeriHealth Administrators​

Learn more on our dedicated PEAR portal page.

Introducing PEAR Practice Management

2. What is PEAR Practice Management? 

PEAR Practice Management is the newest application within the PEAR portal. This brand-new provider engagement tool will replace NaviNet Open. PEAR Practice Management is your connection point to the plan information and transactions you use every day in caring for your patients. From eligibility and benefits checks to referrals and beyond, PEAR Practice Management will provide you with a streamlined and simplified experience.

3. How will PEAR Practice Management benefit my practice?

PEAR Practice Management has been designed with you in mind. It seamlessly supports your daily interactions with plans to ensure a more streamlined and user-friendly experience, all through a single sign-on to the PEAR portal.

4. When will PEAR Practice Management be available?

PEAR Practice Management will become available to our provider network gradually throughout the first half of 2021. Provider practices will be deployed at a Tax ID level. More information about your practice’s specific PEAR Practice Management launch date will be shared in the next few months. See more on how you and your organization can get ready in the “Getting Ready” section.

5. Where can I get the latest updates on the PEAR Practice Management roll-out plan?

We have created a dedicated page for all things related to the PEAR portal. We will continue to update this page as we progress towards the PEAR Practice Management launch date.

This FAQ page will be updated consistently as information around PEAR Practice Management becomes available. We strongly encourage you to bookmark both pages and check in often for the latest updates and readiness resources.

Getting ready

6. What do I need to do now to get ready for the transition to PEAR Practice Management?

         Access to PEAR Practice Management is not yet available, but there are things you can do now to get ready.

  • Follow the prompts below according to your practice’s PEAR portal status.

    If your practice…

    • already has PEAR portal access, verify that the Organization Administrator roles at your practice are filled by the correct people (see more on that role here) and make changes if necessary (see how to change an Organization Administrator here).

    • doesn’t have PEAR portal access and is a primary care physician practice qualifying* for IndexPro™, we encourage you to register for the PEAR portal and start using IndexPro today. See more on how to register here. When your PEAR Practice Management launch date arrives, you will be able to access PEAR Practice Management through the PEAR portal.

    • does not yet have PEAR portal access and does not qualify* for IndexPro, there is no action required at this time. Simply stay tuned for more updates on how to register in the future.

  • Bookmark the PEAR portal page and check periodically for the latest updates.

  • Be on the lookout for more communications about PEAR Practice Management in Partners in Health Update℠.

         *Currently, our participating primary care physician offices (panel size 50+) and certain specialists are eligible to use IndexPro.

Accessing PEAR Prac​tice M​an​​a​​geme​nt

7. Who at my practice will need access to PEAR Practice Management?​

Anyone who currently uses NaviNet Open should obtain access to PEAR Practice Management. If your practice does not use NaviNet Open today but you would like the ease of doing everyday plan transactions electronically, obtain access to PEAR Practice Management after it’s been launched.

Please note: Today, the PEAR portal is restricted to provider organization employees. Access to third-party organizations that support providers will be introduced in the coming months.

8. When will I transition to PEAR Practice Management and lose access to NaviNet Open?

The transition to PEAR Practice Management will occur gradually throughout the first half of 2021.Your Organization Administrators will be notified of your exact transition timing and when you will no longer have access to NaviNet Open. In all cases, access to NaviNet Open will be removed by July 1, 2021.

9. How will my practice get access to PEAR Practice Management?

Provider organizations will have full control over who is granted access to the PEAR portal and its applications through Organization and Location Administrators.

Access to the PEAR portal is provisioned at the provider Tax ID level. Only one access request per Tax ID is necessary. The person at your practice making the initial PEAR portal access request should be the person identified as the Organization Administrator (see more about Organization Administrators below). Once the Organization Administrator receives access to the PEAR portal, he or she will then be able to provision access for the rest of the provider organization.

10. What types of PEAR portal administrators are there and what is the role of these administrators?

  • There are two administrator types within the PEAR portal: Organization and Location Administrators. Together, these two administrator roles manage end-user access to the PEAR portal and its applications through the Provider Administration Tool (PAT). See more on key definitions of portal management below.

    • The Provider Administration Tool (PAT) is used by Organization Administrators and Location Administrators to provision end-​users with access to the PEAR portal and its applications, including designating roles within the PEAR portal. 

    • An Organization Administrator is one of two people at an organization who has unrestricted access to all licensed materials and license data including value-based arrangements delivered through the PEAR portal for your organization. This person is responsible for provisioning access to the PEAR portal and its applications to end-users within the provider organization. Organization Administrators are provisioned at the provider Tax ID level and there can only be two. Once enrolled, these Organization Administrators may create unlimited Location Administrators to manage PEAR portal access for one or multiple provider locations. 

    • Location Administrators are portal users that manage PEAR portal access at one or more provider locations. Location Administrators can add, remove, or manage end-user access for their designated location(s). Only the Organization Administrators can create Location Administrators. There can be unlimited Location Administrators.

      Together, both Organization and Location Administrators can create unlimited end-users. PEAR portal administrators are responsible for ongoing maintenance of PEAR portal access as required.

    • Portal End-​​​​​Users are those in the practice or facility that are granted access to specific PEAR portal applications and roles as defined by the Organization Administrator or Location Administrator. This can be multiple people within a practice or facility.​


For more on PEAR portal end-user management key definitions and best practices, click here.

11. How do I get access to PEAR Practice Management if I’m not an Organization or Location Administrator?

Portal end-user access is provisioned by provider Organization and Location Administrators. If you do not have access and would like to be added, reach out to your administrators directly. You do not need to contact the plan to request access.

12. How do I know who my Organization Administrator is? 

To find our who your organization’s Organization Administrator is, consult with your management team.

13. How do I change an Organization Administrator?

If your organization has an existing approved Organization Administrator and find that you need to change an individual in that role, your organization’s signatory should complete the following steps:


14. When will I be able to access support materials?

We will provide a variety of self-service, on-demand training materials to ensure you and your practice are ready for success within PEAR Practice Management. Training materials will start launching in the late fall via the Provider News Center and on the PEAR portal. For now, you can visit the overview materials on the PEAR portal training resources page.