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PEAR portal access​

September 2, 2020

Each provider organization’s administration is responsible for enrolling the organization for access to the PEAR portal at a Tax ID level. Once enrolled, Organization Administrators are responsible for provisioning the rest of the organization and delegating roles within the portal. You may find more about these roles in the PEAR portal roles section.

Access to applications within the PEAR portal will vary based on specialty, practice size, and plans with which you are affiliated.

  • Access to IndexPro. Currently, IndexPro is the only application available on the PEAR portal. Participating primary care physician offices (panel size 50+) and certain specialists are eligible to use IndexPro. If your practice fits this criterion and is not yet using IndexPro, please work with your organization to enroll in the portal and request access per the process outlined in the registration information for Organization Administrators section.

  • Access to PEAR Practice Management. Today, there is no action needed to sign up for PEAR Practice Management access. PEAR Practice Management will be rolled out gradually in the first half of 2021. More information on your practice’s PEAR Practice Management launch date, when to request access, and how to get ready will be shared in the coming months. For now, continue to use NaviNet Open.