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​​Registration information for Organization Administrators

September 2, 2020

Providers enroll in the PEAR portal at the organization or Tax ID level. Organization signatories and administrators should follow the steps below to register*.

  1. Review the PEAR portal presentation, which provides an overview of the PEAR portal registration process and the first tool available – IndexPro.

  2. Complete a PEAR portal enrollment form to designate the Organization Administrators for your provider organization. Please be sure to open, complete, and save the enrollment form to your computer before proceeding to the Provider eBusiness Inquiry form.

  3. Submit a Provider eBusiness Inquiry form to request a new account. Be sure to attach your completed enrollment form as it is required for registration. You will receive an email confirmation of your submission, and a member of the eBusiness team will contact you to complete the registration process within three business days.

*Only providers participating network providers can obtain PEAR portal access. If your practice is part of an Integrated Delivery System (IDS), your organization may already be registered. Please check with the administrative office within your organization. If you are unable to confirm registration, please submit a Provider eBusiness Inquiry form and we can research your request.

After the organization is enrolled, Organization and Location Administrators within a provider practice or facility play a key role in managing end-user access to the PEAR portal and its applications. Both the Organization and Location Administrators utilize the Provider Administration Tool (PAT) to support them with provisioning access to the portal and applications, including roles within the PEAR portal. Administrators can see more on PAT here.

Note: If your organization has an existing approved Organization Administrator and find that you need to change an individual in that role, your organization’s signatory should complete the following steps:

  1. Download and complete a PEAR portal Organization Administrator change form.

  2. Attach your completed change form to the “Update existing account” portion of the Provider eBusiness Inquiry form  submission within PEAR Portal.