​​​​Independence introduces a new Blue High Performance NetworkSM

May 11, 2022

On April 1, 2022, Independence introduced a new Blue High Performance NetworkSM (BlueHPNSM). It is designed as a narrow network, comprised of a sub-set of Personal Choice® PPO hospitals, primary care physicians, specialists, and ancillary providers.

Independence initially launched its BlueHPN with other large, national Blue Cross® and Blue Shield® companies across the country on January 1, 2021. At that time, BlueHPN was supported using a tiered network approach. This new narrow network replaces the existing tiered network model. 

Large employer groups are showing interest in high-performance networks. A high-performance network is designed to deliver higher quality care with lower total costs through care that is:

  • patient‑centered
  • evidence‑based
  • transparent in how outcomes are measured, accessed, and compared

Our new narrow network will continue to operate on these principles.

Plan design

BlueHPN utilizes an EPO product model. Members must receive care from BlueHPN providers to maximize coverage. Out-of-network coverage is limited to urgent/emergent care only; all other care received from non-BlueHPN providers is not covered.

Recognizing BlueHPN patients

You can recognize patients with BlueHPN by the Blue High Performance name and the “Blue HPN in a suitcase" logo on the member ID card.


Before treating BlueHPN patients

Prior to treating patients with BlueHPN, providers must check their network status. Providers participating in the new BlueHPN can be found using the Find a Doctor tool.

Once on the Find a Doctor page:

  • Select All Plans
  • Click Medical
  • Scroll down and click the Blue High Performance 1 link
  • Enter your information

Providers who are participating in the network will appear in the directory for Blue High Performance 1.​


Learn more

For information on submitting claims, please read our Submitting Blue High Performance NetworkSM claims article.

If you would like to learn more about BlueHPN, please contact our Provider Network Services team via email at pnsproviderrequests@ibx.com.​