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PEAR Portal

Using a single sign on, the Provider Engagement, ​​​Analytics & Reporting (PEAR) portal con​nec​ts ​participating providers* to multiple digital tools to help them provide quality care to their patients.Learn how the PEAR portal can benefit your organization.


<p style='font-weight:bold;color:#202020;font-size:14px;'>Where can I get the latest updates on the PEAR portal and its applications?</p>
​Updates to PEAR and its applications are posted in the Notification Center found on the PEAR home page. Messages are flagged by application, plan, and provider type. Registered End Users can customize their view of Notifications by adding​ filters. Updates may also be sent to affected PEAR users via email. ​​​
<p style='font-weight:bold;color:#202020;font-size:14px;'>Where can I access support materials?</p>

A variety of training materials are available on the PEAR portal Help Center. ​​​

<p style='font-weight:bold;color:#202020;font-size:14px;'>Who can I contact if I have questions?</p>

You can contact PEAR Support at 1-833-444-PEAR (1-833-444-7327) with any additional questions related to the PEAR portal.​
<p style='font-weight:bold;color:#202020;font-size:14px;'>Need PEAR portal training resources?</p>

Review these overview training resources for an introduction to PEAR.

Once you have access, you can find additional training resources on the PEAR Help Center​.


PEAR Watermark.png ​*Only participating providers in an Independence network can obtain access to the PEAR ​​portal.​​​​​​​